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How the idea came about


Event postings and aggregators suggest random events. Social media platforms full of unwanted ads, increase the search time for the user and do not always deliver the expected result for the organiser

Typical aggregators

Currently there is no single service which takes into account the users’ leisure preferences

The app which works for both the customers
and the organisers

We conducted a study among potential users of the application
Our recent survey reveals that 90% of users turn to multiple channels for event search: websites, social media, e-mailing, bloggers’ tips, etc.
83% report that without following the theme communities it is hard to find information on low-keys events while the customised selections are either not provided or do not satisfy the user’s preferences

Users’ problems


  • No single information platform on different events including local tourism
  • Time-consuming search
  • No tailor-made offers based on tastes
AI-powered event metasearch engine generating tailor-made solutions based on:
  • Tastes
  • Locations
  • Price
  • Time

75% of organisers want to cut their event promotion costs since they do not always get the expected result

Own websites or public pages are more sales-effective than the aggregators or social media platforms. The ad costs on the outside platforms are considerably higher especially for the organisers of low-price or free events

Organisers’ problems

  • High competitiveness and target customer acquisition costs

  • Aggregators’ commission

  • Lengthy ticket sales


  • The benefit of “own visitors” flow thanks to a special selection algorithm for users

  • Free information posting about the upcoming events on the platform

  • Customised offers and the information on the city map speed up the ticket sales

  1. The most relevant results (similar preferences, tastes)
  2. Week picks (low-key events which might appeal to the user)
  3. New events radar (new events which might appeal to the user)
  4. Exploration (try something new and unusual)

We will send our executive summary
if you are interested in the project

Information sent. Thanks!

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